Nobody expected these closures: incredulous supermarket customers

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The market often it offers certain turns that the citizen, as a customer, does not even expect in the least. The specific case of supermarkets, for example, often protagonists of real changes of hands between one company and another, it equally frequently puts the consumer himself in crisis, perhaps accustomed to that type of management. Let’s talk about the type of productstrend of unmissable promotions and so on.

The latest story with similar implications, in chronological order it concerns the Tuodì, Carrefour and Conad supermarkets. Real reorganization processes in our country that can lead to unexpected closures or precisely in changes of hands as previously mentioned. Toudì, for example, with an almost surprising decision decided to close two stores in Lazio, effectively leading to unemployment as many as 12 employees. In addition, the other 49 points of sale would be at risk on the national territory.

Nobody expected these closures: the statements of the various company management

As for Toudìaccording to the rumors circulating on the web as to the possible future scenarios a precise note seems to prevail: “collective dismissal procedures formalized on 28 March by the companies Pifo srl for the points of sale in Piazza Pio XI number 20 and via Fonteiana 59/73 for a total of 25 workers. And also by the company Cala srl ​​for a total of 24 workers that operated in the sales points of Via Casalina e via Montecompatri”.

Carrefour is no less which has already anticipated the closure of the Le Sorgenti di Frosinone center with relative communication: “Young and Ambitious, we like to call ourselves that. Experience of these first 14 years did the rest: it taught us that it is the details that make the difference, that it is the quality of our products that makes us recognizable and that shopping in our supermarkets should be a pleasure for our customers. That’s why from the furnishings to the layout, from the wide selection of fresh products and not up to the most sought after excellences, aesthetics and technology They wereover the years, the fulcrum of our continuous research, growth and innovation”.

As for the Conad brand the closure of the Cognento store, in the province of Modena, is already official. In place of the supermarket, the opening of an important outlet brand is planned, “Intima Moda”, active since 1972 born from a very small laboratory known throughout Italy. In short, times change and the needs of companies change, ready to close their doors precisely in view of new business processes. In all this the customers, in short, citizens are often disappointed and deprived of a point of reference for what concerns everyday shopping and beyond. In short, the times, as anticipated, change seriously.

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