Nobel Peace Prize for “the least evil”

Based on this principle, the main selection criterion for the Nobel Prize is not how much good the person or organization in question has done, but how many will object to this choice and make their fists twist. Who can turn their mouths to loudly opposing the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to such a respected and humanitarian organization fighting world hunger? To no one. Can the same be said for other alternatives? Unlikely.

What were these alternatives then? The main contenders who were favorites in bookmakers were two – climate activist Greta Tunberg and the International Health Organization (WHO). If the Nobel Prize were awarded at the beginning of the year, Tunberg would have no competitors, but much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and the wave of Swedish teenagers’ fame in the background has waned considerably. There are other heroes on the agenda, and many of Tunberg’s wishes have come true unexpectedly, but people are not particularly happy about it. For example, there has been a call for a drastic reduction in air traffic, which Tunberg once stood for when crossing the Atlantic with a yacht. It was unlikely that Tunberg herself could have predicted in her pinkest dreams that her prayers would be fulfilled so soon.

Awarding the Nobel Prize to the WHO would look even stranger. It would be difficult to explain why such a prestigious award was given to an organization which, if not covering China, then at least raised doubts as to whether it had done everything possible to limit the spread of the pandemic in its early stages. It should be clarified that this would only be difficult to explain if it were to be pretended that there was nothing to do with Trump. If the Trump factor could also be mentioned to explain the situation, then there would be no problem. Why?

A large part of the world community (not with us) now lives on one thought. How to Remove a Tramp from a Stage | The New York Times, once the world‘s most influential, informed, wealthy press in recent years, has turned into something like the Soviet version of Pravda or Zhenmi Zibao, where all events are interpreted according to their impact on the global fight against light. The “darkness” of the tramp.

Looking at the WHO through this prism, everything stands in its place. The evil Trump turned against the WHO in an attempt to blame it for his own short-sighted actions at the beginning of the pandemic, so all the “forces of light” must unite more closely around who Tramp is attacking. Nobel would be the best answer to these Trump’s wishes. Fortunately, the Nobel Prize Committee had the mind to avoid such “structures” of mental mechanics.

Admittedly, following literally the testament of Alfred Nobel, which provides for the award of a peace prize for certain peace agreements, it would have been most deserving of Trump himself. For being the main organizer of a peace agreement between Israel, on the one hand, and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, on the other. Although Trump was officially nominated for the award, no one even seriously considered his candidacy. Like many others that we will not mention here.

Based on all this, awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to WFP should be seen as a rather sensible step, as other options would look even worse. It is true that the fact that the Peace Prize must be awarded to an organization which has not stood out in any given year does not prove anything good either. All the more so because the world is nowhere near a port of happiness and peace, where everyone has become so inclusive, understanding and cooperative that there is no need to even think about peace. But it seems that this has long since been off the agenda of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

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