“Noas” will open Kirill Panteleyev’s exhibition “5 Rooms” / Article

The exhibition “5 Rooms” by the artist Kirill Panteleyev will be opened at the Art Noas Art Center on July 27 at 7 pm, which will reflect on the changes in the daily and future perspective caused by the pandemic through works created in various media. The exhibition will be open until September 15 and some of the visitors of the exhibition will be available at any time of the day, the representatives of the art center informed.

“Although issues related to the direction of society and the place of the individual in it have been relevant to artists at all times, recent events have created an unstoppable wave of reflection that has affected everyone. Reflecting on the rapid changes stopped the isolation and slowdown in the rhythm of life, the artist

Kirill Panteleyev has created works in various media that highlight the specific changes in our lives, mood and future prospects caused by the pandemic, “

announced in the exhibition application.

As the artist himself admitted: “The exhibition was originally intended as a reflection on global human problems, ecology, development prospects and survival in an increasingly complex world, and, unexpectedly, the global pandemic further highlighted these issues.”

A special role in the concept of the exhibition is also played by its physical location – the floating art center “Noass” – which, both semantically and visually, is associated with a coffin in which to escape from global adversity, which from time to time surprises humanity.

Among Kirill Panteleyev’s works of art are works created within the framework of classical figural sculpture, as well as performances, installations and interactive environmental works. Also in this exhibition, works created with different means of expression will be on display – anthropomorphic forms will be mixed with ready-made technical objects, video projection and natural materials. The works exhibited in the exhibition rooms in the basement of the art center “Noass” will be complemented by the environmental object “Temporarily closed” in the territory of AB dam.

The exhibition can be viewed free of charge in the premises of the Art Center. The working hours of the exhibition: Wednesday – Friday from 15.00 – 22.00, while the environmental object in the AB dam can be seen at any time of the day.

The exhibition has been created with the support of the SCCF’s target program “KultÅ«rElpa” and the Riga City Council.

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