No wonder Nikita Mirzani is living in luxury, I didn’t expect it – Sexy actress Nikita Mirzani is known as one of the celebrities who have a luxurious life.

Nikita Mirzani’s wealth was even said to have reached trillions.

This is inseparable from the income that Nikita gets from various sources.

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One of them is endorsement services. Nikita Mrzani claimed to be able to get money up to billions of rupiah.

The mother of three explained that the figure was obtained when she was involved in a hot polemic.

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“Me, right, was a riot. My endorsement income can be IDR 2 billion,” said Nikita as quoted from a video on the channel YouTube Adiez Gilang uploaded on Saturday (29/10).

However, Nikita Mirzani’s income dropped considerably after his personal Instagram account disappeared.

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Nikita explained that his income fell when he was not involved in any problems.

Watch this video:



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