No waiting in Côte-d’Or vaccination centers for the 3rd anti-covid dose

Overcast skies and a cold breeze, it’s not a time to beat the sole outside. And that’s good, on the Dijon campus, nobody is patient in the cold outside the Multiplex room.

You heard it on France Bleu Bourgogne, this vaccination center remains open until further notice. Forty caregivers and a dozen firefighters take turns to welcome all those who want to be vaccinated. In a few days, we went from 150 visitors a day to more than a thousand. We can even come without an appointment, provided no waiting, because it’s a chance, there are enough volunteer caregivers to vaccinate. “I am seeking independent nurses, practicing or retired doctors, medical students, dentists” explains Laura Farget, one of the coordinators of this center. “Every day, I have to find 60 to 70 volunteers to run this center and that of the Toison-d’Or. For now we are getting there, and we are trying to have a good rotation to avoid fatigue. allow us to open the Toison-d’Or vaccination center 7 days a week from Monday, December 6. “

Elise Vignon, volunteer nurse commits two days a week © Radio France
Olivier Estran

“I work as a liberal and since the last government announcements, I have decided to come and lend a hand” explains Elise Vignon, a young Dijon nurse. “I come twice a week” she specifies.

Unsolicited applications

Luckily, the center receives a lot of applications, such as Stéphanie, a nurse resting after maternity leave, who spontaneously comes to introduce herself and offer her services. “I can have 10 to 15 contacts per day “ assure Laura Farget. “Practitioners are compensated between 12 and 50 euros per hour according to their qualifications. And this remuneration guarantees us a constant commitment. It is at this price that we can reduce the disease. Everything is transparent and detailed on the Medicare website. “

Laura Farget must find 60 to 70 volunteers every day
Laura Farget must find 60 to 70 volunteers every day © Radio France
Olivier Estran

In this large room, we have installed 9 “boxes”, 9 small spaces separated by tent fabrics to perform injections. Once through the door, we are taken care of very quickly. The hardest part for Dominique and Bernard was getting the appointment slot on Doctolib. “I left my computer connected to the page from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.” details Dominique “In the end, we were able to get different dating proposals, and here we are.” “We live this 3rd dose without stress like the first” smiles his companion Bernard “We have the feeling that we have to go through this, and that we will get out of it with a collective effort.”

Dominique and Bernard:
Dominique and Bernard: “We accept this 3rd dose as the first ..” © Radio France
Olivier Estran

Pharmacies are asking to be served faster …

Things are going well for the vaccination centers which lack neither vaccines nor caregivers, but on the other hand in pharmacies, we stick our tongue out a bit. Pierre-Olivier Variot has a pharmacy in Plombières-Les Dijon. He is also president of the chamber of pharmacists of Côte-d’Or, and he alerts the government to a burdensome reality: “I order my vaccines on Monday or Tuesday, and I am delivered between Friday and Tuesday of the following week! It’s way too long. We must anticipate and be delivered a few days later. “

Pierre-Olivier Variot asks the authorities to reduce delivery times for pharmacies
Pierre-Olivier Variot asks the authorities to reduce delivery times for pharmacies © Radio France
Olivier Estran

And also a helping hand.

This third dose falls in addition in the middle of the anti-flu vaccination campaign and while pharmacies are still in great demand for antigenic tests.. “Luckily, I have a team around me to help me, but to find time I will have to vaccinate between noon and two and increase the working day from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. In the profession, we are on the forehead for two years and we all feel fatigue “ he warns.

The profession ensures that in urban areas 2 out of 3 people get vaccinated against Covid in pharmacies for reasons of proximity. Pharmacists are therefore asking for authorization to also welcome back-up caregivers in their pharmacies.


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