‘No Time to Die’ Is Officially the Longest James Bond Movie Ever

No Time to Die coming out next month anyway. United Artists has announced that the tickets will go on sale in the United States from Friday, September 17, and that the film can be seen from October 7. And not only that: the playing time has also been confirmed.With 163 minutes, the swan song of Daniel CraigJames Bond is the longest Bond film in history. One that has been a long time coming. Because eighteen months ago, the film was first postponed.

Very long playing time
Daniel Craig’s Bond films haven’t been that short at all. All of them needed more than two hours to advance Bond’s story.

No Time to Die is even the longest film in the entire history of the franchise. There was already a rumor about this and now it turns out to be true.

Before that was Spectre already very long with 148 minutes of playing time. Skyfall on Casino Royale both lasted over 140 minutes.

This Bond film shows James Bond being pulled out of retirement by his friend Felix Leiter to rescue a kidnapped scientist. That soon reveals more than Bond could have foreseen.


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