no second wave in sight


“The overall situation continues to improve and there is no element in favor of a resumption of the epidemic”, comments Public Health France. “From week 15 (first week of April, editor’s note), the weekly number of confirmed cases has been constantly decreasing until week 24 (second week of June, editor’s note), going from 30,111 cases listed to 2,899 cases. “

But with 3,000 new cases per week, this proves that the virus continues to circulate. Since the lifting of the containment, 284 clusters have been reported in France. Most in health facilities and businesses. Prevention gestures should not suffer from laxity even though some are less applied, such as greeting without shaking hands, kissing and keeping a distance of at least one meter. On the other hand, hand washing and wearing of the mask continue to be respected.

Last point of relief, the mental health of the French. Not badly degraded at the start of confinement, it has improved since with a significant reduction in anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances.

Note: If the situation improves in the Metropolis, this is not the case in Guyana and Mayotte, where SARS-CoV-2 continues to circulate at a high level.

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Source: Destination Santé

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