No new twinning with Paramaribo, but clearing way for new cooperation between Amsterdam and Suriname

It looks like Amsterdam will re-establish ties with Suriname. After President Desi Bouterse took office in 2010, a city link between Amsterdam and Paramaribo was broken. But now there a new government is seated in Suriname, the way for a new relationship seems clear.

DENK recently asked the college about the defunct city link with Paramaribo. The Commission has now answered these questions.

Amsterdam is not aiming for a new city link with Paramaribo. Simply because the city no longer believes in ‘classic’ city twinning. Amsterdam does see the benefit of ‘one on reciprocity and
equivalence-based cooperation in which content and result-orientation are central. ‘

Collaboration not only with Paramaribo

And that cooperation then covers all of Suriname, not just the capital. ‘The council is pleased that the installation of Mr Chan Santokhi as president of Suriname paves the way for resuming the previously so fruitful collaboration and giving it a new lease of life.’

It is not yet known what this collaboration actually entails. It is clear, however, that various cultural and educational institutions, among others, that were already involved in a collaboration in the past, have shown an interest in making a contribution again.

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