No need to go to the gym, this household appliance can be used for sports

KONTAN.CO.ID – One of the sports facilities that are much favored by the community is a place to exercise fitness or gym. However, with the ongoing Emergency PPKM, it seems difficult to access the fitness center to exercise.

Uh, but don’t worry, Moms. How can we get the benefits of exercising without having to go to the gym? gym or buy sports-specific equipment!

It’s easy, just use items that are already at home as a substitute for sports equipment. Although not the same, guaranteed benefits are similar.

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Here are some household tools that you can use to exercise. Listen, come on!


If you have stairs at home, you can use them to do cardio. The trick, just go up and down the stairs several times with a duration of a few minutes. Guaranteed, just by going up and down the stairs you will sweat!

Besides being proven effective for strengthening leg muscles and burning fat, exercising by going up and down stairs can also strengthen the heart.

Water bottle

Want to do weight training at home, but can’t? dumbell? Well, you can use an old water bottle instead.

Water bottles used instead dumbell generally about 600 ml. To get an effect like dumbell, Moms can fill the bottle with water, sand, or stones. Just adjust it to your needs.

If a 600 ml water bottle is too light, you can use a 1.5 liter water bottle, you know! Of course, adjust to your own abilities, yes.

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Many sports movements that we can do using a chair, you know. If you want to train your arm muscles, then a chair is a tool that you can use. There are some moves that we can practice with a chair, such as push up and tricep dips.

However, choosing a chair for sports should not be arbitrary. Make sure the chair is sturdy and not easily damaged so it doesn’t interfere with your exercise, yes. Do not use a wheelchair too so that the chair does not move easily.

Well, those were household tools that you can use to exercise at home. It turns out, if we are creative, there are many things around us that we can take advantage of, yes.

So, who says exercise is expensive?



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