No need for an app anymore: with this pin you show your surroundings that you are single

“It’s actually super simple,” says Nadine (33). “It is a green pin with a magnifying glass on it. If you pin it on it means that you are open to encounter love,” she tells EditieNL.


The idea for Finder was born from her personal frustration. “Then I’m texting someone again for two weeks under the illusion that this is him, but on the first date it turns out after one second that we are not a match at all. I’m really done with that.”

She is also extremely annoyed by the way dating apps work. “They are not made to find love, but to let us swipe. They play with our brain and try to make us addicted to the app. That’s why I thought: this has to change.”

Love in all shapes and sizes

Finder is for people who are looking for a relationship, but also for people who just want an exciting date. “Love comes in many forms. You’ll find out soon enough what the other person is looking for. We don’t have different colored pins.”

With this initiative, she hopes to initiate contact between people. “It is of course more exciting to speak to someone in real life than via an app, but people have to keep talking. Many young people grew up with a telephone and hardly dare to call. That has to change.”


So far, between 600 and 700 people are walking around with a green badge. “Now there are still many in the Tilburg area, but I notice that there are more and more on our website orders come from outside this region. Hopefully there is a festival that wants to help us and work together so that the pins really become visible. The more people participate, the less exciting it becomes.”

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Nadine does not know whether successful matches have already emerged from Finder. “If there have been successes, I would like to know. I have heard a lot of sjans stories. Yesterday a date was arranged anyway. Maybe one day a Finder child will be born. Who knows.”

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