“No Name Boys” joined Hajduk Split supporters in Guimarães

“No Name Boys” joined Hajduk Split supporters in Guimarães

Several members of Benfica’s “No Name Boys” cheerleader will be involved in the disrespect caused by Hajduk Split fans on Tuesday night in the historic center of Guimarães. According to what Porto Canal found out, after several minutes of chaos, the group, with more than 100 people, boarded five buses with Portuguese registration towards the city of Porto.

At VCI, where the group was intercepted, new chaos ensued. Next to the Paranhos junction, where the buses were stopped, dozens of supporters fled on foot, with the authorities trying to intercept them.

Speaking to SIC Notícias, a witness, who was in one of the bars in the center of Guimarães at the time of the “invasion” of Hajduk Split supporters, guarantees that there were Portuguese in the group. According to Marta Mendes, phrases such as “Guimarães is ours” and “let’s go through this burning city” were heard.

The proximity between Hajduk Split’s cheerleading squad and Benfica’s “No Name Boys” is well known. In social networks there are incarnate supporters guaranteeing support for Croatians.

“We will be there with our brothers for sure” and “all ready to invade” are some of the comments published.

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