No more stereotypical votes for NPO Zapp / Zappelin after racism discussion

De VPRO, die Heuvelland Hospital broadcasts, does not want to say much about it. The broadcaster is talking to makers, other broadcasters and the NPO about how to deal with old series. “Given the nature of that conversation and the sensitivity of the subject, we think it is too early to publicize it in the light of one series.”

Fortuijn writes in a statement that the NPO and the broadcasters are currently checking more Dutch voices from foreign cartoons. “We don’t want children to feel offended or rotten when they watch our programs.”

NPO Zapp / Zappelin is there for all children, he emphasizes. “After all the discussions and demonstrations against racism, we will work with the broadcasters to see if things need to change. Whether we will use other voices.”

The Simpsons en Family Guy

Two months ago something similar happened in the United States. The makers of The Simpsons private white voice actors no longer have the voices of colored characters record.

In the US, there has been criticism for years about the discriminatory way in which a number of characters are portrayed. Critics, for example, believe that the Indian shop owner Apu presents a negative, stereotypical image of Indians. White voice actor Hank Azaria said this year that he will stop recording Apu’s voice.

Colleagues said they no longer wanted to record the voices of colored characters. For example, actor Mike Henry stops with the voice of the black neighbor Cleveland Family Guy. He thinks it was good after twenty years. “Colored characters should be voiced by colored actors.”

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