‘No meetings for 5’extended weight… Some business restrictions likely to ease

The government is highly likely to maintain the social distancing phase, which ends on the 17th, and bans private gatherings with more than 5 people to combat the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Yoon Tae-ho, head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters, said at a back briefing on the Corona 19 situation on the 14th, “Distance measures and small groups (restrictions) are key issues, but I think it may be difficult to resolve immediately.”

“(The number of new confirmed cases per day) ranges from 400 to 500, and on a weekly average, it is still around 500,” he said. “It is also the opinion of the general experts that this level will decrease gradually.”

He added, “Even the level of 500 people is large when it comes to the first and second scales,” he said.

On December 14, 2020, Jonggak Station in Seoul. As the number of corona19 confirmed increases, major commercial districts are having a particularly cold winter. Reporter Hoe-Sung Yang [email protected]

“It is highly likely that it will not drop rapidly to the level of 100 to 200, but gradually decrease. Taking this into account, distance adjustment is necessary.” “The key among them is that if the distance adjustment is relieved too rapidly, there is a high risk of an increase in the number of patients.” Therefore, the current distance distance, which ends on the 17th (Seoul Metropolitan Area 2.5 stage) , Non-metropolitan areas, step 2) and the ban on private gatherings with more than 5 people are likely to be extended. However, restrictions may be eased in some industries. The mediation plan will be announced through a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters on the 16th. Regarding the gradual decrease in the number of new confirmed cases, “the number of confirmed cases continued to increase and continued to increase until the peak was reached.” The rate of decline is also inevitably slow.”

“It is not a group infection that originated from a specific group. Infection has occurred in every corner of our daily life,” he said.

Bong-oh Jeong, reporter of Donga.com [email protected]

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