No marvel Sule’s month to month funds for Adzam just isn’t enough, Nathalie reveals life’s requirements for Delina’s sister

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Right after the divorce with the comedian Gannets, Nathalie Holscher now a single father or mother Adzam Adriansyah Sutisna.

Anyway, Adzam Adriansyah Sutisna get regular money from dad Princess Delina And Rizky Febian.

Primarily based on the benefits of the divorce procedure, Gannets obliged to provide month to month income for Adzam through Nathalie Holscher by Rp. 25 million.

Even so, Nathalie Holscher is however functioning hard for the reason that she thinks it really is not enough.

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This it does Nathalie Holscher come to be the goal of blasphemy netizens.

Claimed by (team, Nathalie Holscher he was accused of matre simply because he was given Rp 25 million a month for Adzam’s needs.

Despite the fact that, he said Nathalie Holscherhe never requested for income from Gannets.

By her Instagram account, Nathalie took the time to respond to messages that hit netizens.

In its place of matre, Nathalie claimed Rp 25 million could fulfill Adzam’s desires for a month.

He even went so far as to depth Adzam’s needs, from milk to clothing.

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