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The Masked SingerAn extra fun episode for the viewers of The Masked Singer tonight: in the quarterfinals of the program, the identity of a candidate was revealed not once, but twice. While the hints were pretty obvious in hindsight, the panelists weren’t always right.

When the crowd sends the shark to the semi-finals and the scarecrow falls off at the sing-offs, Buddy Vedder and Gerard Joling really have no idea who is hiding behind the mask. They can’t bring any hints, so in the end they have to bet on Freek Bartels and Alex Klaassen.

Loretta Schrijver and Carlo Boszhard, on the other hand, suddenly manage to name a name at the last performance with a slight conviction. ,,The hints didn’t help, but the vote came through”, Carlo says. The panel duo thinks they recognize the voice that Marc-Marie Huijbregts is in the suit, to the surprise of Buddy and Gerard.

The panel was thrilled when it turned out that Marc-Marie Huijbregts indeed emerged from the scarecrow suit. Buddy and Gerard screamed out and Loretta crawled straight out from behind her desk to give Marc-Marie a hug. ,,You did a really good job,” she said proudly.

Double Hints

While none of the panelists liked the hints, in hindsight they proved obvious. ,,We even used some hints twice because you didn’t see it”, Marc-Marie Huijbregts said. Many hints referred to programs he participated in. For example, the globe was central to his role as a dinner guest in WELL, the newspaper for This Was The News, the Christmas tree for Christmas with Marc Marie and Yvonne and the stars for Ranking The Stars.

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Marc-Marie Huijbregts turned out to be in the scarecrow suit. © RTL

Fortunately for Buddy and Gerard, the panelists get another chance to guess an identity. The pharaoh also fell off tonight, so another gamble could be made. However, the performance was so good that the pharaoh’s voice was unrecognizable. ,,Shoot me in the Christmas tree”, shouted Gerard Joling. “This was so good. There was suddenly a very raw edge to his voice that I’ve never heard before.”

Still, after some puzzling, the entire panel comes to a decision. Buddy and Gerard as well as Loretta and Carlo are firmly convinced that actor René van Kooten is hidden in the pharaoh suit. Although Carlo still has some doubts at the end. ,,Isn’t it Tim Akkerman? Or would that raw edge be from Charly Luske? No, okay, it’s René van Kooten, there’s no other way.”


The panel members turned out to be right: indeed René van Kooten was in the pharaoh suit all that time. ,,I’m so sorry that I never recognized your voice,” Carlo shouts immediately. ,,I worked next to you for two years, how embarrassing.” René is only too happy, because all this time he thought that Carlo would get it. no time would have through. “I distorted my voice a bit, otherwise it just wouldn’t start.”

For the actor, it was especially difficult to keep a secret at home with his family that he participated in the program. My daughter is a big fan of The Masked Singer” he said. ,,I think she’ll be very angry when she finds out about this, but I think she’s also very proud,” he concludes.

René van Kooten was in the pharaoh suit.

René van Kooten was in the pharaoh suit. © RTL

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