No “Kas”: this Kolbermoorer defeated tennis legend Roger Federer in doubles

Tennis legend Roger Federer played his last official tennis match on Friday night. It was a sporting moment. A Kolbermoorer has even defeated the Swiss once in a double. What does he have to say about Federer and the end of his career.

Kolbermoor / London – A moment in the history of sport took place on Friday night in London when tennis legend Roger Federer played the last game of his incredible doubles career at the Laver Cup alongside Rafael Nadal. The fact that he narrowly missed twice as much in the Laver Cup only played a minor role.

“Sports photo for eternity”

The scenes that followed touched not only tennis fans, but also Christopher Kas of Kolbermoor. Kas even described an image as a “sports photo for eternity”. The coach of Germany’s greatest tennis hope Jule Niemeier and the tennis TV expert from ServusTV have even played against Roger Federer himself.

Mr. Kas, did you see Roger Federer’s last match live?

Christopher Kas: Obviously I saw his last match and the most impressive thing for me was the photo when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal sat next to each other on the bench. Hand in hand and they both cried: for me the sports photo for eternity. They both have been fighting each other for years and then they just sit there and feel what’s going on and it’s about to end. That was a very special moment.

Moments with Federer that should be avoided in the future. Tennis without Federer: is it possible?

What: It is actually very difficult to imagine. It wasn’t just the successes, it was this elegance. It was so sublime and it’s hard to put into words the way she played. You must have seen it. For example, at tournaments, when I had time, I watched his training and matches and was also lucky enough to train with him four or five times. It was always something special. How respectful he was in dealing with his counterpart: you can come up with superlatives, and you would always do it right. Federer is simply fantastic.

Kolbermoorer Christopher Kas, Jule Niemeier’s coach and TV tennis expert at ServusTV. He also defeated Roger Federer.

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And they even played a game against him once.

What: And also won. It was a doubles tournament in Halle in 2010, first round. I played with Philipp Kohlschreiber and he with the Swiss Davis Cup player Yves Allegro. We actually won 6-4 / 7-6 and I’m very proud of it.

What else was so special about Federer?

What: The amazing thing about Roger was that everyone knew what was happening to him. On and off the pitch and he’s never been stressed. You never felt like he was short on time. He was so calm and sovereign in all of his processes, he was just amazing.

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