No fireworks in Australia: air quality is too bad due to forest fires

The New Year’s fireworks in the Australian capital Canberra are canceled. Due to the ongoing forest fires in the area, the air quality is too poor. If fireworks are lit, the pollution increases even more.

In the coming days it will remain very dry and warm in Canberra. The temperatures are likely to rise to 39 degrees. The danger of new forest fires is therefore not over yet.

The fire brigade still has great difficulty fighting natural fires in the country. On Christmas Day some rain fell in some places, but now it is dry again.

Possibly more shows

Also in Sydney the New Year’s fireworks may not take place due to the poor air quality. But the municipality has not yet taken a decision.

The fireworks show in Sydney is one of the best known in the world. This is what the spectacle looked like a few years ago:

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