No delays! Bulgaria is more than ready to join Schengen (Overview)

Mark Rutte last promised a week, don’t get in the way of Sofia and Bucharest, if the relationship is positive

Bulgaria and Romania are more than ready to join Schengen. This is the conclusion of the report of the working group of experts of the European Commission and the Member States. They were in both countries earlier this month.

EC spokesperson Athena Hiper, quoted by BNR, said the results were mostly positive and no problems were found that would justify further postponement of membership.

“All member countries have recognized huge ones achievements To Bulgaria

and Romania in its continued strong adherence to the Schengen rules. The Czech presidency will now quickly move the issue “, assured the spokesperson.

The inspection results were discussed on Wednesday at a closed-door meeting of the EU Council’s Schengen Working Group. The intention of the Czech Presidency is to put the matter to a vote on 8 December, but full unanimity is required to achieve a positive result. In other words, a “no” interrupts the whole process.

The problem for Bulgaria and Romania is the solution of the Netherlands. A week ago, the local parliament passed a resolution according to which the country

should not vote for acceptance of Sofia and Bucharest

in the area of ​​free movement. Dutch parliamentarians announced their intention to analyze the functioning of the rule of law and the reduction of corruption and organized crime in both countries.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has promised that if the working group’s report shows that Bulgaria and Romania are ready, then they will be able to join.

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“The Netherlands will not oppose it, but the countries joining Schengen must be strict, fair and committed,” Rutte said a week ago. After the positive results presented on Thursday, if the Dutch Prime Minister keeps his promise, there should be no obstacles for Bulgaria and Romania to join Schengen.

Due to the resolution of the parliament in The Hague, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev commented a few days ago, after an interview with Rutte, that we have become hostages of the internal politics of the Netherlands.

Earlier this month, the European Parliament called on the Council of the EU to vote on a decision on our Schengen membership by the end of the year. The resolution was supported with 547 votes in favor, 49 against and 43 abstentions.

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