no coronavirus deaths for the first time since March

While almost all European countries have operated their deconfinement, the continent most affected by the coronavirus epidemic remains America. The StatesUnited are indeed still actively fighting the spread of the virus. One of the cities most affected in recent months: NewYork.

For the first time, a number gives hope to newyorker. The city’s department of health and mental hygiene has informed the population that this Saturday, July 11, no death due to the virus was recorded. Currently, there arelow more than 18,500 deaths linked to Covid19.

The governor Andrew Cuomo had recently expressed himself on the situation: “What is happening in New York is not a new phenomenonyorker. New Yorkers don’t have a different immune system than other Americans. It’s higher in New York because it started here first, because international travelers come here first, because we have more density than most places, but you’ll see that in every city across the country. “ Complex reports.

Although no additional deaths were recorded, the fear of a second wave remains very present, as the governor indicates: “We are doing all we can but I can feel it coming”.

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