No climb in D2 for ALF futsal and Futsal Saône Mont-d’Or

New blow for two Rhone teams after the stop of the championships decided by the FFF, last week. After Saint-Priest, relegated to football N3 after falling into the relegation zone just before confinement, and Hauts Lyonnais, deprived of N2 for a change of tiebreaker that does not pass, it is the turn of two of the best futsal clubs in the Rhône to find themselves deprived of climbing in D2.

For Futsal Saône Mont d’Or, the largest club in the Rhône with 400 licensees and 2nd in its pool in Regional 1 despite a single defeat on the clock, for thirteen successes and a draw, the matter was heard as soon as the championships stopped.

Indeed, in normal times, to determine the four lucky elected officials promoted in D2, we take the thirteen league champions and the three best dolphins for a two-round accession phase. However, without the possibility of replaying this season, there is no possibility of competing in these play-offs for the association which shines on Neuville-sur-Saône and Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or.

A method of calculation criticized for choosing the four promoted in D2

So there was still hope for the Amateur Lyon Fidésien, the club based in Sainte-Foy-les-Lyon, who finished at the top of the same group with a magnificent record of fourteen successes for a setback. But then again, the club was disillusioned and learned from a report from the Amateur Football League, whose executive committee met on Monday, that it would not be among the best four leagues.

Without dam, the FFF has indeed decided to choose the four promoted by maintaining the method of calculation decried to determine who are the three best dolphins usually. That is to say by establishing a ratio for each league, determined by the number of clubs present at the national futsal level, coupled with the share of licensees senior futsal compared to the total number of FFF players.

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A little game that often does the business of Corsica, which will send its representative to D2 next year as well as those of Pays-de-la-Loire, Ile-de-France and Hauts-de -France, but rarely those of the representatives of the AURA league, despite a level of play and structure superior to many territories in France.

>> This calculation method often denounced by Rhone clubs will also be the subject of a more complete decryption in the edition of Friday’s Progress.

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