“No but this is a joke”. Beppe Convertini and Anna Falchi, frost in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

Moments of embarrassment a One Weekend, the summer container of Rai1 conducted on Saturday and Sunday by the tight-knit tough guy composed of Anna Falchi e Beppe Convertini. In connection with the studio there is Marcella Bella, 69 years old, directly from the sea. In the middle of the holiday, the legendary Sicilian singer Gianni’s sister laughs and jokes, but suddenly freezes in front of Convertini’s somewhat too daring request: “Do you want to let us hear Green mountains a cappella, only voice? “, the host asks her. The piece is a classic of the Italian light song, made explosive by the intense interpretation of Marcella. You need voice, to perform it perfectly, otherwise you risk out of tune and ugly figures.

Precisely for this reason, perhaps, Bella declines the invitation even quite abruptly, despite the joking tone of the situation. “No, you didn’t have to do this to me, this one is definitely a joke! “. No, it wasn’t, and Convertini and Falchi, who hoped to make a nice surprise live for Rai1 viewers, are disappointed.

With the sun in her eyes and the wind ruffling her rich hair, Marcella feels compelled to explain her reluctance: “In the morning I can’t sing, here is better than Hollywood because you go to sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning. I personally can’t sing in the morning you have to forgive me. Let’s enjoy the sea“. How to blame her. And even the direction adapts. Broadcasting the recorded version of her unforgettable success.



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