No arrest for Ryszard Krauze. Roman Giertych comments

Income was mistaken for loss. I brought Polnord three times a lot of money, opportunities to earn. And the prosecutor had misread it and thought that maybe I had diminished something. Now it turned out that the court has understood, and therefore I am free to continue classes – said Ryszard Krauze (he agreed to publish the data) after leaving the Poznań – Old Town District Court.

Advocate of the businessman, attorney Andrzej Jarosław Reichelt told PAP that the court did not accede to the prosecutor’s motion to temporarily arrest both Ryszard Krauze and four other suspects in the case of withdrawing money from Polnord. – The court did not accept the prosecutor’s request, basing mainly on a general premise. This means that the court found that there was no high probability of committing the act – he said.

He added that, according to the court’s decision, no preventive measures were taken against Krauze. – He did not plead guilty, he gave very extensive explanations and today it paid off – pointed out the lawyer.

Proxy of the suspects, Piotr Ś. and Sebastian J., lawyer Rafał Wiechecki emphasized that Saturday’s decision of the Poznań court was immediately implemented. – The suspects have not been subject to any measures, detention, or any sureties – he noted.

– In my opinion, the allegations are completely unfounded. I believe that they are sucked out of the finger and in fact the prosecutor’s office, in my opinion, was only about hitting patron Roman Giertych and Mr. Ryszard Krauze (…) the court’s assessment shows that no crime has been committed – he said.

Ryszard Krauze and lawyer Roman Giertych are among the 12 people arrested on Thursday suspected of deporting and appropriating a total of approx. PLN 92 million from the listed developer Polnord. They were presented with allegations of misappropriation of the company’s funds and large-scale property damage to the company, as well as money laundering. The suspects face up to 10 years in prison.

– Lovely! I’m still very weak, so I’ll write more tomorrow. Thank you all for the kind words. I am glad that today the court in Poznań has assessed the objection I have with Sebastian and Piotrek and found it to be unbelievable! And let them out! There is a Court in Poznań !!! – Roman Giertych wrote on Twitter.

The proceedings conducted by the Poznań Regional Prosecutor’s Office concern two issues – the purchase of worthless – according to the prosecutor’s office – receivables of Prokom Investments SA in the amount of almost PLN 73 million and the purchase of real estate at an inflated price of almost PLN 27 million. (PAP)

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