No. 1 in ratings!The new king of drama “Itinerant Prosecutors” was filmed in Shandong for 113 days

Original title: No. 1 in ratings!The new king of drama “Itinerant Inspection Team” was filmed in Shandong for 113 days

Rule of lawthemeThe broadcast of the realist TV series “Itinerant Inspection Team” is nearing completion. For the first time, the play focuses on the itinerant procuratorial system, telling the story of prosecutors safeguarding justice in the new era.The ups and downs of the plot, the colorful character setting of the group portrait, and the powerful actorsluxuryThe lineup has made the play continuously praised, and it has been in the focus since its broadcast on December 13. It has not only been popular on satellite TV and online drama platforms, but also short video platforms. The beautiful scenery of Qingdao included in the play, Qingdao Zhongshan Road, Shanhubei Bridge, Olympic Sailing Center, and the Voice of Phoenix Grand Theater have also quickly become popular. The audience on the whole network is impressed by the diverse architectural aesthetics and cultural charm presented by Qingdao as a location.

“Itinerant Inspection Team” stills

“Itinerant Inspection Team” is jointly produced by the Supreme Procuratorate Film and Television Center, the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Golden Shield Film and Television Center. It is produced and directed by Li Xuezheng as the chief producer, Li Lu as the director, and Yu Fei as the screenwriter. The investigation by Feng Sen, the head of the itinerant inspection team, and Luo Xinran, the director of the procuratorial office in the supervisory office, are the main line of the narrative, telling the story of the prosecutors in the new era of safeguarding the justice and legal authority of the people.

Li XuezhengacceptIn an interview with·poster, the reporter said that the success of “Itinerant Inspection Team” is inseparable from the strong support of the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. Not only sent a warm invitation to the crew, but also provided a lot of convenience. After determining Qingdao as the filming location, the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee established a “coordination group” to solve many practical problems for the film crew. When the crew proposed that they could help find a modern prison for filming some of the scenes, the relevant departments found a prison in Qingdao that had just been built but not yet put into use for the crew to use. After the TV series was aired, many viewers reported that the prison scene in this drama was very beautiful, which included affirmation of the setting.

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“Itinerant Inspection Team” stills: Qingdao Taipingjiao Beach Shooting Spot

According to reports, the “Itinerant Inspection Team” was started in Qingdao on September 10, 2019. It took 113 days to complete the shooting. The whole process was shot in Qingdao, Shandong.teamIntegrating multiple levels of Qingdao’s urban charm, the lens presents a variety of “Qingdao true colors”. The success of “Itinerant Inspection Team” shows that Qingdao has also accumulated experience in the field of legal and political dramas and has a “masterpiece”.The success of this drama is also a major in coastal landscape resources and film and television shooting in Qingdao “Natural Studio”serviceThe presentation of superimposed advantages.

  Zero promotion, no traffic star blessing

  “Itinerant Inspection Team” has become a new “drama king” with its strength

“In the Name of the People” has left a deep impression on many people. Recently, its second “Justice of the People” was renamed “Itinerant Inspection Team”. It airborne Youku video on the evening of December 13, 2020. No publicity can stop it. PremiereHeavy volumeWith a good score of nearly 330 million, the number of broadcasts has also been soaring. On January 7, the popularity of Youku, which has been online for 26 days, reached 9,966, and it has maintained a high popularity of close to 9,999 since its launch.

With zero publicity and a sudden launch, the show will undoubtedly become a dark horse at the end of 2020.RatingswithmarketThe share is far behind the second place, whether it is on the TV side of Hunan Satellite TV orYoukuAt the end, they all slapped other TV dramas in the same period, becoming the first in ratings in one fell swoop.

In addition, it is also remarkable in terms of network popularity.WeiboTopic discussion degree and other data also dominate the group. As of January 7,WeiboThe amount of topic discussions reached 1.34 billion, making him a well-deserved “drama king.”

So, what makes “Itinerant Inspection Team” so attractive to the audience?

Looking back at the 2017 anti-corruption drama “The Name of the People”, the super high production level and closenesssocietyThe real anti-corruption case made the show a hit of the year. As his sister chapter, “Itinerant Inspection Team” was produced by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Film and Television Center, the Propaganda Department of the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Golden Shield Film and Television Center. Great attention, but also put a lot of pressure on the main creative team.

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Unlike “The Name of the People”, which has the theme of anti-corruption, it is produced and directed by Li Xuezheng as the chief producer, Li Lu as the director, and written by Yu Fei, led by Yu Hewei, Han Xue, Ma Yuan, Feng Lei, Han Tongsheng, Song Chunli, etc. The “Itinerant Prosecutors Team” starring in is a procuratorial rule of law drama. There is no traffic star in the drama, but even supporting roles are very interesting. The drama uses the investigations of Dongchuan Provincial Inspection Team Leader Feng Sen and the Director of the Inspectorate Office Luo Xinran as the main line of the narrative, telling the story of the prosecutors in the new era of safeguarding the justice and legal authority of the people.

The play opens with an unjust, false, and wrong case, with a small “ReverseDrove countless “reversals” throughout the play. At the beginning of the story, Hu Xue’e sent the positive and negative double-sided “pennants” to the audience’s curiosity. Then, the intricate story line, one chain of clues and one chain of clues The relationship between the characters makes the play exciting, and “brain-burning” and “foreshadowing” have become the most discussed topics in “Itinerant Inspection Team”.

It’s not difficult to find that the prosecutor in the plotjobsThe display is real and three-dimensional. Throughout the whole plot, the 930 unjust cases brought out details from life one after another, which made the audience feel a lot of resonance when watching the play.

In addition to the ups and downs of the plot setting, the performance of the actors in the play is also remarkable. The superb acting skills of the old opera bones displayed in the play, coupled with the logical and smooth splendid plot, the audience watched it heartily.

In addition to the stable performance of Yu Hewei and Han Xue, who played the actor and actress. The supporting characters in the play are also exceptionally brilliant. Hu Xue’e, who dared to do everything for her son and always believes in his son’s innocence; for 12 years of vengeance, he laid the “shaking big picture” behind the scenes magnate Mi Zhendong… all three-dimensional and full characters, It’s as if they were not created by screenwriters, but are flesh and blood, and exist in this world.

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  Cause a full-scale drama craze

  “Dominate” TV series hot search list since its launch

Since its launch on December 13, 2020, the “Itinerant Inspection Team” has remained extremely popular. Youku’s popularity list shows that the highest popularity on the first day of launch on December 13 was 5019, but it doubled the second day after the launch. The highest popularity reached 9452 on December 14 and has remained close to bursting popularity since then, dominating the first place.

inWeiboIn terms of data, the “Itinerant Inspection Team” has achieved remarkable results. Even after the update at ten o’clock in the evening, Weibo immediately broke a number of hot searches related to the plot, and netizens posted discussions. As far as Weibo data is concerned, the number of hot searches on Weibo such as #电视剧巡回察组##巡回检察组##巡回察组高能剧情# has exceeded 100 million, and related discussions have reached 1 million overall, which can be described as aroused A full-scale chasing drama by netizens.

Netizens have said that the exciting series of “The Touring Inspection Team”, the three-pointed acting skills of the old dramas, and the ups and downs of the plot design make the show a must-see. At the same time, as the main theme of the TV series, it can take into account the core spirit and grounding atmosphere, it is really a rare conscience drama. All this has made the “touring inspection team” set off an upsurge of chasing drama by the whole people.

On the evening of January 7, the real-time ratings of Kuyun EYE of “Tourist Inspection Team” reached a new high, with a peak value of over 2.68 and a rating share of over 15%. With an average ratings of 2.22, it broke the ratings record of the Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle solo theater in the past 23 months and became the TV series with the highest ratings since “Knowledge”.The show is in highconsumptionLi 34 City performed particularly well, with real-time ratings exceeding 3.15 and a rating share of over 16%, ranking first.


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