Nizamika who are the couple from Mammooka, in full silence, I asked Mammooka when I saw him in person – Grace Antony

Nizamika who are the couple from Mammooka, in complete silence I asked Mammooka in person: Grace Antony

Reshaq is directed by Nizam Basheer and has Mammootty in the lead role. The highly publicized film also stars Grace Antony in a pivotal role. In an interview with Popper Stop Malayalam Channel, Grace Antony talks about Nizam Basheer’s call to star in the film and later talks to Mammootty.

‘Nisamika called and said I’m the director who made Ketyolane my angel, I’m shooting a new movie and Mammooka is the hero. Ammaram, Mollam’s fused companion or the role of the house in the house. Mammooka himself is taking care of the production. Then the production is over too, the film will be released anyway.

Nisamika said they are the couple from Mammooka. Eh … I asked if Mammooka knew. Pulli said it was Mammooka who said it. Completely silent. Nizamika said Grace would ask her when she saw him in person. After hearing the story and the character, she said OK.

After that I went to my mother’s meeting. This is my first time going to Amma’s meeting. I went and sat on a seat there. Beside me there is a catwalk. After five minutes, Mammooka arrived. He came to me. She told me she saw him somewhere. I said Grace Anthony. Then Polly said ok see you and she left. I sat. My thickness too.

When it was lunchtime, I went to eat with Chempan Chetan. After a while Mamooka arrived and my tension increased. I got up and went to Mammooka.

Ika Nizamika called me and I told her to make such a film. She asked me if she would like to shoot with me. What can I say? Unfortunately, Ikka said that was not the case. Ikka said they will communicate the rest. That’s all. And I see Mammooka on the sets of Roshak, ‘said Grace Antony.

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