Nissan Sales Get Roasting Khaby Lame, Just Because How To Open The Baggage Door

Instagram @khaby00

Nissan sales got roasted because of problems with how to open the trunk door. – A video showing a salesperson Nissan whose name is not known has recently gone viral on social media.

The reason is, the Nissan sales in the video turned out to be roasted by a celebrity TikTok named Khaby Lame.

This is what GridOto knows from a post uploaded by an account Instagram @ khaby00 last Thursday (07/10/2021).

In the video, it can be seen that Nissan sales are showing one of the features in the car Nissan Serena, namely the trunk door that can be opened in half.

This feature can make it easier for Nissan Serena owners if the position of the trunk door is close to a wall or someone else’s car.

Seen the salesman tried to open the trunk door, but in the end the door stuck with his body.

Then he was shown how to partially open the trunk door to make it easier for Serena’s owners to load their luggage.

However, the way to open the trunk door that is practiced is not appropriate for Khaby Lame.

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