Nissan presents the Z Proto. It has a six-cylinder, manual and retro touch

The carmaker Nissan has officially unveiled a prototype of the successor to the iconic “zetka”. And old school fans will definitely enjoy it.

Introducing the Z concept That’s why it underscores the ambition of Nissan to launch the successor of his cult sports car. Although the new “zetko” is still just a vision, it is no longer far from a serial form. This indicates not only the exterior design, but also the interior design.

“The Model Z is a purely sports car and represents the spirit of our brand. It is a key model in our Nissan Next transformation plans and is proof that we are able to make cars that others do not dare to do. As a zetka fan, I can enthusiastically announce that a new generation is coming, “ Makoto Uchida, CEO, made a speech at the Japanese premiere. Due to the current situation, it was not a traditional premiere, only a handful of members of the Japanese Z club and a few other enthusiasts from other countries were present at the event. The rest could then watch the premiere online.

But let’s go to the car itself. Therefore, it was completely designed and developed by the Japanese design team and the goal was a fresh and attractive exterior look with a retro touch. The silhouette of the coupe also expresses respect for the original models. “Our designers have done countless studies looking at what has made a generation successful. In the end, they decided that Z Proto would travel across the decades. Including the future, “ said design manager Alfonso Albaisa.

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The hood and LED headlights thus refer to the original Z. The square front mask again resembles the current generation, the pleasing silhouette has already been discussed. Although it should be a sports equipment with everything, the new “zetko” does not look aggressive twice in front. You would rather say that it is elegant and from certain angles it is not far from Jaguaru F-Type.

At the back we find 300ZX (Z32) inspired flashlights, of course LEDs. The bumpers and fenders have been redesigned, and the imaginary icing is the 19-inch light-alloy wheels and two oval exhaust tailpipes.

In the cabin, the creators tried to combine modern technology with iconic retro Z elements. In the chapel we find a 12.3 ”digital instrument shield. The creators are said to have consulted with the legends of motorsport to make the arrangement of virtual alarm clocks clear and easy for any driver to understand. Below in the middle we find the screen of the multimedia system, but setting the temperature and other functions remained true to the traditional rotary knobs.

However, the main thing is hidden under the hood. Z Proto – and consequently its standard sibling – will bet on a twin-turbo V6 in combination with a six-speed manual transmission! You can see correctly, there is, among other things, a parking brake in the cab. We still have to wait for the final number of power, the engineers are currently tuning the ratio of power with grace and excellent control, which has characterized the “zetko” for the last 50 years. Now we have to wait…

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