Nissan is going in a new direction. It shows concepts and a radical plan with electric cars

An ambitious plan to transform into an electric car giant has been unveiled in recent days by Japanese Nissan. The company intends to dedicate its future to electromobility by 2030, by introducing a total of twenty-three electrified models. Of these, 15 will be purely battery-powered.

Nissan will strive to sell 50% of its electrified models by 2030, and 20 years later the company wants to be carbon neutral in its entire product lifecycle. In addition, the manufacturer has committed to investments worth two trillion yen, ie 397.2 billion crowns in electrification.

Nissan Chill-Out

Photo: Nissan

The company’s next step will be to introduce cobalt-free batteries for electric vehicles by 2028, which are to reduce costs by up to 65 percent. He wants to sell electric cars with solid electrolyte batteries by the same year. In addition, Nissan plans to be one of the first traditional manufacturers to commercialize sales of semiconductor batteries in which it sees a future. As part of this plan, Nissan will open a new factory in Yokohama in 2024.

Nissan Hang-Out

Photo: Nissan

Other Nissan plans include expanding production capacity in the UK and Japan, reducing charging times for electric vehicles by up to 66%, reducing battery kilowatt-hour costs to $ 65 (1,480 crowns), localizing production and sourcing, and introducing proprietary software on an autonomous procedure called ProPilot.

Nissan Surf-Out

Photo: Nissan

As part of the launch of the new strategy, Nissan also showed four concept cars. The main one was the electric crossover called Chill-Out, which should be produced as a production car in Sunderland, UK. The concept is based on the CMF-EV architecture with e-4ORCE all-wheel drive.

Nissan Max-Out

Photo: Nissan

The other three concepts represent the Max-Out electric sports car, which promises new driving experiences thanks to excellent stability and comfort. The Surf-Out pick-up, in turn, is to offer several different performance variants and a comfortable ride on any terrain. Finally, the MVP Hang-Out is a family car that wants to offer unprecedented interior variability.

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