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Nissan crossovers have risen in price twice in Russia in a week – Motor


The first price increase was recorded by the portal “The price of the car»: On Wednesday, July 29, all Terrano crossover configurations went up by 31 thousand rubles, the basic X-Trail added 42 thousand rubles in price, and the top version – 55 thousand rubles. As of August 1, the price lists were changed again: all Terrano became more expensive by 19 thousand rubles, and the entire X-Trail line – by 31 thousand rubles.

Thus, in less than a week, prices for Nissan Terrano increased by 50 thousand rubles and now vary in the range from 1 million 71 thousand rubles for a front-wheel drive crossover with a 114-horsepower “aspirated” 1.6 and 5-speed “mechanics”, up to 1 million 349 thousand rubles for an all-wheel drive top version with a 2.0-liter 143-horsepower naturally aspirated engine and an automatic transmission.

The price list for the Nissan X-Trail has changed by 73-86 thousand rubles. The initial configuration with front-wheel drive, a 144-horsepower 2.0 engine and a 6-speed “mechanics” went up by 73 thousand rubles to 1 million 749 thousand rubles, and richly equipped crossovers added 86 thousand rubles in price, so the all-wheel drive 171-horsepower X-Trail 2.5 with a variator is estimated at 2 million 362 thousand rubles.



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