“Nissan board members work on emergency plan in case of breakup with Renault” | NOW

Nissan board members take very seriously into account an end to the collaboration with Renault, writes The Financial Times Sunday night. An emergency plan is being built in the event of a break, with proposed changes to the board and how a possible production gap can be closed.

In particular, the technical aspect of production would have been highlighted as a problem, sources report to the daily newspaper. Renault is currently providing a great deal of knowledge about this, but the Japanese car manufacturer would like to find out how it could produce all the gadgets itself.

The development of the emergency plan was said to have accelerated at the end of December, when it became known that former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn had fled Japan. Ghosn is accused of financial misconduct in the Asian country.

The Brazilian was the driver behind the twenty-year cooperation between Nissan and Renault, but after his forced departure at the end of 2018, questions were raised about the sustainability of the agreement.

“Both Renault and Nissan weaken position with end of cooperation”

Experts do not seem enthusiastic about a possible break, because rivals such as Fiat Chrysler and PSA, just like Volkswagen and Ford, have recently joined forces. Renault and Nissan would actually weaken their position until a new partner is found.

Nissan would, however, be looking for an end to the cooperation, because the Japanese car manufacturer partner Renault is now experiencing a leg failure, sources report. The Financial Times.

According to the business journal, Renault President Jean-Dominique Senard would like to introduce several projects in the coming weeks to show that the collaboration is still bearing fruit.

Both companies refused opposite The Financial Times to respond.


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