‘Nishino’ shines the Thai football league at the end of the curve, plans to prepare for the ‘War Elephant’ to qualify for the World Cup.

‘Nishino’ shines the Thai football league at the end of the curve, plans to prepare for the ‘War Elephant’ to qualify for the World Cup.

Movement of Akira Nishino, the head coach of the “War Elephant” team, the Thai national football team, returned to Japan. Since the end of the year 2020, but still can not return to Thailand. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus

“Joe” Patit Supapong, Secretary General of the Football Association of Thailand, revealed that Akira Nishino has returned to Thailand on February 27th. Along with the 14-day quarantine measures in accordance with the government measures. Now Nishino is working normally. There is a collaboration with the technical department of the Thai national team. In sending the team to watch the form of players competing in the Thai Football League As for the program after the quarantine It may be necessary for the technical staff to inform once again when Nishino will begin to see the form of the players. But believe that all discussions and plans have been made

“However, the association asked Nishino to prepare a plan to prepare the team after the end of the Thai League by doing two types, the first in the event that Thailand hosted Group G World Cup in the remaining match and the second did not. Arrange But have to visit, how will the team prepare Both types, just in case, both organized and not organized “

As for the issues that competitors in the G group Like Vietnam, the UAE has been preparing for the team continuously, calling players to practice from time to time, the Thai football club butler said, “Nishino knows the news of each team. But I said that we are not at a disadvantage in the preparation of the team. Because the league soccer is very competitive now Which is good for the players to exert their performance to the fullest. “

Also, at the end of the season at the end of March There is still time for the players to rest to recharge. And believe that coming back to practice together around May, the players are still in the peak stage. Therefore, the World Cup in June, Thailand is definitely not a second country in terms of readiness, ”said Patit Supaphong.

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Nishino will be released from detention on March 12 as Nishino. Will have the opportunity to travel to watch the Toyota Thai League 2020/21 during the last 4 matches of the season Starting from the game of the 27th game on March 13-14 onwards.

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