Ninth extension for the school canteen service

The mayor of Santiago, Xosé Sánchez Bugallo, confirmed yesterday that the City Council will go to the end and will fight to preserve the property of a local, on the mezzanine, of a building located on República del Salvador street.

Thus, Bugallo referred to the judicial procedure in which the Compostela City Council is immersed and as explained by the mayor, the court authorized the bank that had seized the property, “ceded to the City Council”, to put the aforementioned premises up for auction.

“The place had been mortgaged even though it was not mortgagable and was covered by a bank guarantee that was lower than the assumed mortgage,” explained the councilor, who also stressed that it is “unattachable” and that “it really is an asset of the City Council.”

Although, as the councilor has recognized, “it gives the impression that from the legal point of view there is no other option,” he announced that he will soon meet with the intervention services to explore all the alternatives to be able to preserve this dependency.

“We will defend to the limit of our possibilities the possession of that property,” declared the mayor.

MORE CONSEQUENCES OF COVID. Bugallo also reported the extension of the services of school canteens administered by the city council until the end of the year and did not rule out that it would be extended “another year.” It should be borne in mind that it is already going through the ninth overtime.

The mayor affirmed that the situation of uncertainty that is causing the coronavirus health crisis makes it very difficult at the moment to put the service out to tender, since the number of children in schools is highly variable, due to circumstances. “Given the extraordinary situation we are experiencing, it is difficult to call another contest. For that we need a certain stability and a reasonable forecast of the registered users and of the real ones of these services ”, said Bugallo.

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The councilor has also referred to the approval of changes in the approach of some properties in the Fontiñas neighborhood that “in certain cases could go from being used as storage rooms to homes.”

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