Nintendo would rather you keep politics out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has established a number of rules for companies for the use of Anima Crossing: New Horizons. Among other things, you have to keep politics out of the game and may not make money from it.

Nintendo has guidelines for companies’ use of Animal Crossing: New Horizons drawn up.

“While our services and products are generally for personal use, we understand there are situations where companies may want to use or reference our game,” Nintendo said on the official website. “That’s why we’ve put in place some guidelines to maintain the experience for the millions of players.”

Companies are asked to stop using Animal Crossing when they are “harmful” or “bad influence on the community.” Nintendo can also prohibit use.

As far as the guidelines themselves are concerned, companies may, among other things, share their own designs and dream addresses, invite other players to an island and use screenshots.

However, corporations aren’t allowed to “ bring politics into the game ” – like possibly things like the in-game political campaign from Joe Biden – must ‘use the game properly’ and must not use the game to sell products.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released for Nintendo Switch in March.


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