Nintendo Switch still deals in stock at Amazon and Argos

We were hit by a new wave of Nintendo Switch deals in stock at the end of last week, but the U.S. is now sold out, as are a few UK bundles. There is good news, however, if you were late for the party, as you’ll still find Nintendo Switch deals in stock on Amazon and Argos in the UK. This means there is still time to get a new console, but with the stock very depleted, you may have to scramble to remove the last boxes from the shelves.

You’ll find the Nintendo Switch in stock for £ 299 at Amazon and £ 279.99 at Argos – although the latter organizes its inventory by zip code, so you’ll need to check if it’s still available at your local store. While Amazon’s price is a bit higher, it’s not exactly more scalping territory, and grabbing a Nintendo Switch for less than £ 300 when demand is as high is still a lot. You can also pre-order from Nintendo for £ 279.

It’s been a long time, but this latest Nintendo Switch stock may be just the beginning of the console’s return to our shelves, but for now, it’s going to be an incredible cash run.

You’ll find the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles still available below on the page.

Nintendo Switch in stock in the UK

Nintendo Switch | £ 279.99 at Argos
You can also find Nintendo Switch deals in stock at Argos today, but you’ll need to search through your zip code to make sure there are consoles in your area.
See the offer

Nintendo Switch | £ 299 at Amazon
It’s a little more expensive, but if the stock runs out on other offers, you’ll find the neon Nintendo Switch available on Amazon for £ 299. Those £ 20 above the suggested retail price may well be worth it if that stock doesn’t stay.
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Nintendo Switch (pre-order) | £ 279.99 at Nintendo
Nintendo also offers pre-orders for the Neon console, available for delivery at the end of the month. If there is still stock at other retailers available, we will head there, as you will likely have one more quickly.
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Out of stock: Nintendo Switch | 299,99 € chez Very
This Very Nintendo Switch offer can send you home with a neon console for the standard RRP of £ 279.99 now. It’s £ 20 cheaper than the Amazon stock below, so go fast. See the offer

Out of stock: Nintendo Switch | Animal crossing | £ 319,99 chez Very
This Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing pack is also back in stock at Very – offering island adventure with a Nintendo Switch Neon console for just £ 319.99.
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Out of stock: Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | £ 319,99 chez Very
Or take the track to show off your skills in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The perfect way to start your Nintendo Switch collection, this Very set also comes in at £ 319 right now.
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Nintendo Switch in stock in the United States

Pack Nintendo Switch | $ 519.99 at GameStop
This Nintendo Switch set may seem expensive at first glance, but there is a whole host of games included in this price. Animal Crossing, Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller are all included here.
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Nintendo Switch Kit – Gray | $ 519.99 at GameStop
If the offer above is out of stock or if you are really on these gray Joy-Cons, you will also find the same price of $ 519 on the same Nintendo Switch pack in a color variant on GameStop.
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The Nintendo Switch stock is exhausted? Here’s where you can buy a Switch Lite in the UK and the US

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We track all of the latest Nintendo Switch deals and sales here on TechRadar, but if you’re having trouble finding more stock, you’ll want to check out our guide for where to buy a Nintendo Switch.

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