Nintendo Switch Online with 4 games in September. Nintendo boasts of great interest in the service

Tomorrow there will be a new Direct Mini, which we wrote about in the morning. However, this is not the end of today’s announcements from Nintendo.

First of all, today we got to know the next retro games that will join the Nintendo Switch Online subscription program. This time, 3 productions come from the iconic SNES, and one from the 8-bit NES.

On September 23, the library of Nintendo Switch Online titles will be enriched by:

  • DonkeyKong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (SNES)
  • Mario‚Äôs Super Picross (SNES)
  • The Peace Keepers (SNES)
  • S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (NES)

The latest offers got a short advertisement presenting gameplay, which you can check below.

The president of Nintendo boasted during the meeting with investors that the company is now has 26 million active subscriptions to Nintendo Switch Online. The company’s smartphone ventures are also very popular. Nintendo mobile games for Android and iOS, such as Mario Kart Tour, have already been downloaded over 650 million times (it concerns the so-called “unique downloads”, which disables, for example, re-downloading the game by the same user).

By the way, I would like to remind you that it will take place tomorrow the new Nintendo Direct Mini.

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