Nintendo Switch like an iPhone? Investors believe Nintendo can succeed by changing the business model

Nintendo has still not confirmed leaks regarding the preparation of a more powerful Nintendo Switch, but investors believe that the Japanese will decide to base their business model on the concept of Apple smartphones. iPhone could be an inspiration for a hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch systematically enjoys enormous interest, and Nintendo for several months of 2020 faced the problem of providing the market with an appropriate number of copies. The device was sold out in the United States among others, but investment firms are convinced that Nintendo should base its full strength on the development of one device, thus breaking the standard form of generation.

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo is experiencing a special time – in 2020 alone, corporate shares increased by 30%, but investors are convinced that abandoning “cyclical device issuing” may bring the corporation even better results.

According to specialists, Nintendo Switch would be developed like the iPhone – that is, new models would constantly appear on the market, which, however, should share one game base. The console’s problem is to focus on generations, because at some point, players lose access to their titles.

Ryan O’Connor of Crossroads Capital is even convinced that the Nintendo Switch ushered in a new form of hardware and Nintendo will constantly expand the platform by offering more powerful models:

“Nintendo has worked hard to completely eliminate these cyclical changes, creating a platform that can effectively last. This means that Nintendo’s most valuable asset – the installed base of console users – never needs to be reset to zero again, as has happened every five to six years in the past. “

Investors are convinced that Nintendo can, like Apple, create a giant community that will systematically buy new, more powerful models of Nintendo Switch, but all devices will have one catalog of games.

What do you think about this idea? According to information from the Bloomberg editorial office, Nintendo is preparing to launch the Nintendo Switch on the market, offering 4K gameplay. Company also confirmed work on the new device.


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