Nintendo should add GameCube and Wii games to NSO, according to Reggie Fils-Aimé

With Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has changed the method of offering classic games and lesser-known titles from old consoles. Instead of the Virtual Console present in Wii U and 3DS, with the hybrid machine they have opted for Nintendo Switch Onlinea subscription required to play titles online premium where are included NES and SNES catalogs in constant growth. With the Expansion Pack, which doubles the subscription price, you add Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive catalogs among other extras. Reggie Fils-Aimpresident of Nintendo of America until 2019, has argued that the Japanese firm should take more advantage of this service to offer, first, more Nintendo 64 games, but also Wii and GameCube titlesthus aligning with requests from Switch users.

In an interview in CNET on the occasion of the launch of the book Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of NintendoFils-Aim has been asked about the possibility of the brand launching ms miniature consoles such as NES Mini (2016) and SNES Mini (2017). Fils-Aime explains that those machines were released at a time when the Switch was not yet ready and when Wii U was not working properly in sales; the goal was to find another way to earn income through the catalog legacy Of the brand. “He also gave form a little to the founding ideas of the Nintendo experience [Switch] Online and to offer that old content to the client”.

Sin embargo, Fils-Aim doesn’t think we’ll see a GameCube Mini or a Nintendo 64 Mini. “If I went back to Nintendo for a day I would focus more on: ‘How does this company use all its great content and how you offer it to customers through the Nintendo online experience?’ What are they doing… They’re putting out some Nintendo 64 content, they’re working with other brands to bring back some of that old content.

“But that’s where the opportunity is”says the executive. “Nintendo still has more Nintendo 64 content to take advantage of. They have GameCube content to take advantage of. They have Wii content. I see a future of digital content offered to you, the customer, just like this strong opportunity that I want to continue to take advantage of“.

Nintendo Switch Online will be able to receive Game Boy games

As Fils-Aim says, Nintendo has a lot more Nintendo 64 titles to come. The Friday June 24 will be added to that catalog Pokmon Snap, the sixteenth game for that machine available on Nintendo Switch Online; in Japan two more are available, Custom Robo y Custom Robo V2. A few months ago an official emulator was leaked that pointed to the arrival of titles of Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color y Game Boy to the subscription service, but at no time has there been any information, official or not, that Nintendo’s 128-bit machines will have emulation on the hybrid console.

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