Nintendo breaks the biggest record in history with Pokémon and sells millions

If there’s one partnership that works very well, it’s the one between Pokémon and Nintendo. the saga of Games is one of the most famous companies and goes beyond the gaming bubble, also reaching the cinema, television and other merchandising products. After all, who can resist Pikachu, right? Spoiler: No one really can!

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The numbers for Nintendo’s new Pokémon are staggering

New Pokémon titles – Scarlet and Violet – have been released for Nintendo Switch and reached numbers that surprised everyone. More than 10 million units were sold in just three days, which led the company to break a new record, as this is the biggest launch in its history.

The new games have given fresh air to the company and also to the franchise itself. Both titles are open world games. This means that the player can explore the map without the need to complete missions in a linear way, so it is possible to get lost in the story for hours and still discover new things.

The success of the game marks the last breakthrough of the giant of this universe. Two months ago, another game on the platform, Splatoon 3, also broke domestic sales records in Japan.

Post-pandemic gaming market

During the Covid-19 pandemic, video game consumption was high. This is because people have found themselves at home and have been looking for ways to have fun; however, with the reopening of the market, the numbers started to return to what was considered normality, soon big companies like Sony and Microsoft felt the burden.

With Pokémon and Splatoon 3, Nintendo was able to breathe a little better. Apparently, he is preparing for another hit: The Legend Of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom. Investors will thank you!

It’s also worth noting that the company’s stock is up 11% this year.

Nintendo isn’t alone

Sony is also grinning ear to ear with its latest issues. God Of War Ragnarok, the latest title in one of the most popular franchises for PlayStation, sold 5.1 million copies in its first week of release. This is the highest and fastest number reached by the company’s study.

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