Ninja New York, a restaurant hidden away in a ninja village

Ninja New York

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Ninja New York
25 Hudson Street
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We are not going to Ninja New York for the refinement of Japanese cuisine, let’s face it!

We go there for the show which delights young and old alike every evening, amazed by the well-honed ballet of ninjas in the middle of this real-false traditional Japanese village, hidden in a basement of TriBeCa.

Access to the restaurant is via a cramped elevator followed by a dark labyrinth which gives this atypical entrance an “authentic” part of mystery.

Each table is confined in an alcove and served by a horde of ninjas who bustle loudly to ensure the show.

Steaming sushi with dry ice, burgers re-visited with ninja blood, blindfolds, saber, shuriken… Nothing has been left to chance in this offensive merchandising which encourages overconsumption.

Japanese toilets are also an attraction! This is the parade. Indoors, a mind-blowing ninja-conjurer goes from table to table to perform personalized magic tricks.

These ninjas are definitely very strong and do not lack skill …
So neither do you! Here’s one to keep in the back of your mind for a successful birthday party.


If the concept of an amusement park restaurant is not your thing but the evocation of the refinement of Asian flavors has made your mouth water, 2 blocks away, Jungsik should you like it …

Eunji Lee, the young pastry chef of this Korean restaurant, studied in France alongside Cédric Grolet and her tasting menu composed of 5 desserts with subtle tastes, is REALLY worth it (and the cost too: $ 70) …

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Ninja New York
25 Hudson Street
Infos here

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