Nine million euros for a Ferrari that ends up in the water: the images are incredible

Would you have ever thought that such a high priced Red could end up floating in the sea like any lifeboat or not? The creation is incredible but obviously not for everyone: here is the most absurd Ferrari.

Driving a supercar is the dream of many of us motorists but that’s not enough: those who really have a lot of money to spend perhaps want something less conventional, to the point that even a powerful Italian car might not satisfy their absurd desires. Here’s why this craft is so absurd and how it ended up in the water. When you read his story, you really won’t want to believe it.

A floating Ferrari (

They make very few

As we saw some time ago, the world’s most exclusive car manufacturer is the Italian Ferrari that few other rivals with a fairly famous name can minimally undermine from this point of view. Just think that the Italian company produces on average about 8,400 cars a year and that the average cost of a Red on the market is currently 300,000 Euros with very few models falling below this price limit.

But even an expensive and powerful Ferrari could not be enough for a customer who may decide to order a special version of the car. They call them one-offs and many VIPs such as Gianni Agnelli, the Sultan of Brunei and Eric Clapton have owned one in the past, contacting the house by mail to ask the car to be different from any other model built, even if only in a limited series, by Maranello.

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Nave Web Source 14_1_2023 MondoFuoristrada
It’s just what it seems… (

For the seven seas

As we understood, in short, a normal Ferrari car is not enough for certain customers. It will also be based on this particular – and exclusive – market sector that an independent house has decided to build a real yacht based on a sports car produced by Maranello in recent years and coincidentally, it is indeed one of the most expensive and powerful currently for sale.

Imagine a boat inspired by the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, a sports car produced since 2019 capable of delivering 780 horsepower and well exceeding the 300 km/h top speed. The car costs the beauty of 430,000 Euros and as happens with all the supercars of the Italian brand, it cannot be purchased by anyone since the brand has a blacklist in which it inserts undesirable customers through a strict selection criterion.

It costs as much as nine Reds

Presented a few days ago by the renowned brand Lazzarini Design, the Mediterranean GT represents the top of the range in luxury sports boats. This ambitious project inspired precisely by the famous supercar from Maranello sees the use of the best technologies in the nautical world to build a yacht that truly has no comparisons or limits. And that costs a fortune as you can easily imagine.

Ferrarone Web Source 14_1_2023 MndoFuoristrada
Mediterranea GT, a true sultan of the seas (

The super yacht in question is a unique specimen with a length of 26 meters. To push it into the water, you need three engines Man V12 capable of delivering a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour – or the equivalent in knots of course – giving the vehicle outstanding performance that will not make the Ferrari logo look bad, specially designed to be able to transport a supercar if necessary, strictly with the Cavallino on the muzzle!

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How much could it cost Lazzarini Design Mediterranea GT once assembled? Around nine million euros, according to the estimates of journalists in the sector who, however, specify that the project, for the moment, is only an exercise in style. However, it cannot be excluded that the Ferrari of the seas will really be produced in the future since brands such as Lamborghini and Brabus have already built something similar in series.

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