nine mayors, including those of Arras and Roubaix, will be heard by Jean Castex

Last week, some 110 elected officials, worried about the “
social and economic distress
“In which the health crisis plunged these districts, challenged the President of the Republic in an open letter. Guillaume Delbar, mayor of Roubaix, is the first signatory. He will be “received” on Monday, along with eight other mayors of France, including that of Arras Frédéric Leturque. The meeting will take place by videoconference.

The signatories of the platform, which also include the Nordistes Natacha Bouchart (Calais), Frédéric Chéreau (Douai), Olivier Gacquerre (Béthune), Carole Dubois (Lillers), Bernard Baudoux (Aulnoye-Aymeries), Philippe Fait (Etaples), Franck Dhersin (Teteghem), Arnaud Decagny (Maubeuge), Sylvain Robert (Lens), Rudy Elegeest (Mons en Barœul), Francis Vercamer (Hem), Mathieu Desmoncheaux (Hesdin) and Aymeric Robin (Raimes), plead for a billion of the recovery plan go “
associations working for youth and people in difficulty
», «
the creation of local solidarity committees
” and of “
medical homes and health centers
»In the poorest towns or even the creation of 7,000 mediator positions. They also propose the establishment of a “National Solutions Council”, endowed with 75 million euros, composed of ” elected officials, associations, civil servants, entrepreneurs and volunteer academics “And intended for” identify, promote and evaluate the solutions that work in the field ».

Answers for neighborhoods

« On the observation, we are aware of what is happening “, Assures the Minister of the City Nadia Hai by evoking a” shared concern “. The petitioners ” make a number of proposals. It really deserves to be discussed with them ”, She added. ” We must provide answers on how this recovery plan is reaching neighborhoods “And” that they are not the last wheel of the recovery plan “, She pleaded again, while saying she wanted to defend her action for four months in office.

« On Form “, Nadia Hai however lamented that these” recommendations “Did not” never been shared »With her before this forum, also co-signed by the president of the Association of mayors of France François Baroin (LR) and the president of urban France, ie the association of large metropolises, Johanna Rolland (PS ). However, during the last conference of the territories at the end of October in the presence of the government and associations of elected officials, ” not one has addressed the issue of city policy », Pointed out Nadia Hai.



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