Nina Moric is a psychopath, Barbara D’Urso censors him

Fabrizio Corona explodes with rage in video link on Live – It’s not D’Urso. The reason is obviously linked to the shock phone call recorded and published by Nina Moric in which a violent figure of Fabrizio Corona emerges: “I’d smash your head.” Corona suggests that Carlos would have been a circuit: “Nina is now with a 22-year-old boy without a finger, a junkie. One day, Carlos goes to his house and comes back late, skipping all the activities I have planned for him. I will not tell you about the conditions in which Carlos returned from Nina’s house. And at that moment, Nina phoned him and made him say those things. What would you have done? ” During the long story, Nina Moric posts more material on Instagram: “Get her to publish whatever she wants. She has no brain, neither she nor her lawyer.”

The censorship of Barbara D’Urso

A long block in which Fabrizio Corona spoke for almost twenty minutes but during the commercial break something must have happened, because Barbara D’Urso closes the connection with the former photographer: “You said some things we weren’t expecting, we have to close the connection, I’m sorry.” Fabrizio Corona before leaving says: “If you don’t let me talk now, I won’t talk to you anymore.” Now let’s go over everything that happened.

Fabrizio Corona positive for coronavirus

Fabrizio Corona was a flood. He started the link on video by telling about his condition. As is known it is positive for Coronavirus: “I’m fine, but I’m pissed. As for Covid, I don’t want to give any example, but for a couple of days I didn’t have a sensation of tastes and smells. I ate ice cream and didn’t feel anything. It’s a disease you feel you have. inside, in the body. It’s awesome stuff, you feel in the body that something is wrong. “

Fabrizio Corona’s version

Fabrizio Corona’s story of pain began like this, believing that his ex-wife should be locked up in an asylum:

In light of what that madhouse psychopath, that lady who was my wife, did, I’m forced to tell my part of this story. What happened on Monday was very serious on his part and on the part of the lawyer, who was disbarred. In that post, there are at least seven offenses. Whoever posted that stuff also committed a crime.

On the threats to Nina Moric, Corona explained:

Do I threaten to kill her? It’s an outburst in a remote voice message. Let’s not be rhetorical. It was a moment when I was beside myself for what he did to my son. Of course I wouldn’t have gone to his house and smashed his head because I’m not going to do 30 years in prison. Have you listened to his voice? She was raped by her father, raped by her mother, beaten by that one, beaten by that other. Do you think I took and said those words to her like that, like that?

Then he said that on a holiday in Zanzibar where Carlos was with Nina Moric and Luigi Mario Favoloso, he was in prison and learned that Carlos had been hospitalized:

They came to call me, I was in prison, at 6.30 in the morning. They summoned me to the lawyers’ room. When they call you at that time it is only for two reasons: either a person died or a person died. They told me my son was hospitalized. It happened when he was in Zanzibar with Nina Moric and Fabulous. It took me eight months to fix my son, eight months. She goes locked up in an asylum. I am not a jerk. There are a lot of people who have been with me for four, five months and who saw Carlos in June and didn’t believe their eyes. Nina, at that time, was taken by Fabulous. Complaints, courts and so on. It wasn’t in her, it wasn’t there mentally. I never spoke out, but you got your son through a video story to make a criminal case. At that time there, when Fabulous would beat her, she recorded the stories with Carlos testifying.

Nina Moric publishes new allegations in real time

While Fabrizio Corona proceeds with his invective on TV, Nina Moric has published other accusations with new videos, which were subsequently removed.

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