Nîmes: not so big sale in the streets of the crest

The great heart of the city clearance sale ends this Saturday, February 4.

The image may appear misleading. Because if at the corner of rue Régale and rue de la violette there is a small crowd of Saturday booksellers, it is only there and rue des Halles and rue du Chapitre that the shopkeepers really come together.

Everywhere else, especially rue de l’Aspic, stalls are rare.

Major retailers who do not necessarily play the game and independents who “have no proposal at this level”like the leather goods manufacturer Meyer-Pic. “Even if we had attractive discounts, that wouldn’t be enough. Customers on the sale, they will buy products at 5, 10, 20 € maximum.”

What about opening the locations for other traders or individuals at garage sales? Regardless of the difficulties posed by the narrowness of certain streets, “it may not be the same clientele”believes Valentine Wolber, assistant to the shops at the City of Nîmes.

Before reaching the level of Lille, Nîmes still has a long way to go.

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