Nîmes: Manon Sarrus French champion in dog grooming

La Nîmoise won the title of French Poodle pro champion 2022, near Lyon on the occasion of the 33rd French grooming championship which brought together around a hundred participants.

She’s quite proud. After eight years of taking care of the appearance and well-being of animals, and especially dogs, in her grooming salon in Vauvert, the newest resident of Nîmes, Manon Sarrus, has just won the title of French champion in the Poodle category . on November 13 near Lyon.

A successful conversion

A great victory for this young woman who has chosen to listen to her wishes to leave her job as a laboratory technician to give free rein to the passion that has driven her since childhood, animals. “I can’t really explain why I got into grooming, but I wanted to take care of animals and make them look good, as well as contribute to their well-being.” Because beyond a silky and well-trimmed coat, the techniques used by these professionals, including the different depilation they provide – depending on the quality of the animal’s coat, i.e. hard or under the skin – help avoid health problems, including skin diseases.

Passion for competition

From the start, the determined young woman threw herself into the competition. Italy, Spain… “It’s a universe that I like, I like to put myself to the test” And if he admits that he takes a lot of pleasure in his daily life with his hairy clients of all kinds, rare are the large poodles (or royal poodles, ed) to land in his living room for a restyling. However, it is undoubtedly her favorite discipline of hers. And it is with Nunca, 5 years old, her beloved dog that Manon submits to the stress of the competition. “In 2h30, we have to guarantee a perfect cut for our large poodle. At the end of this period, the jury is equipped with combs to ensure the correct length of the hair, its symmetry, the absence of knots …”

And this time it was an impeccable performance and a perfect mastery of the techniques that earned him the first place on the podium. A victory that already projects her in Spain in May, for her future international competition. He expects to win.

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