Nîmes: finding the right sports shoe is rather complicated

Sports stores have been experiencing some shortages in shelves for a few months. A situation due to a context favorable to the practice of sport at home.

Like every year, the first month of the year is that of good resolutions. Among them, there is always that of (re) putting into sport. Now, little problem. With the coronavirus pandemic, and the restrictions associated with it, gyms are still closed to the public. And the current weather and the 6 p.m. curfew don’t seem compatible with biking or running.

Adapted tools

There is only one solution: find something to practice sport at home, using the appropriate tools. In several sports stores in the city, certain departments are privileged at the moment.There are three spokes that work especially since the deconfinement at home, indicates Pierre Vialet, director of the Intersport store. Sportswear, bikes and especially bodybuilding. These are where we lack the most, including small dumbbells, gymnastic mats and punching bags.

Difficult to find happiness

There does not seem to be a new resolutions effect but rather a long trend over the past few months. Despite several visits to these stores, it is difficult to find happiness among these products, seen the gaps observed in these rays. We depend on restocking from different suppliers, considers Pierre Vialet. On some products, we can do this quickly. On others, it is less the case.

The manager of the Intersport store has several hypotheses to explain this renewed interest in these products. “What works lately are the videos with the exercises to be done at home that our customers hope to achieve. “Besides the appearance, this rush could also be explained from a financial point of view compared to the current situation.”People have gone on vacation less lately. And they go out less. With the confinements and the various curfews, they take what they may need from their homes.

Where are we on the restrictions side?

The 6 p.m. curfew has been a game-changer in terms of the possibilities for playing sports. Sports outside the home must take place within the curfew hours and within the limit of 6 people, unless it is supervised in public space. In addition, the sports halls can be opened only for priority audiences: professional or high-level athletes, people in training, people with a medical prescription or people with disabilities. A sports educator can only depart from the rule within the framework of his activity.

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