Nikkie Plessen and Diederik Jekel clash in ‘RTL Boulevard’ over coronpas

Model and designer Nikkie Plessen lashed out hard at science journalist in ‘RTL Boulevard’ on Monday Diederik Jekel.

Jekel said at the table that he understood that the government is introducing a corona pass to be sure that no people enter, for example, theaters and catering establishments who could potentially infect others with the corona virus. But Plessen thought this was nonsense.

Plessen vs. Steel

“To what extent does Diederik know what the truth is in this?” she wondered angrily. Diederik cannot say who will get sick or not. We must all do this together. But we are now being imposed on things in a democratic country that no longer feels that way. There is a dichotomy: you are for or against”, responds Plessen.


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