Nike separates from Neymar

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Nike separates from Neymar – allegations of alleged sexual assault

An employee of the sporting goods manufacturer accuses Neymar of sexual assault. According to Nike, Neymar behaved uncooperatively when investigating the allegation, which is why the collaboration with the Brazilian soccer star was ended.

Sporting goods manufacturer Nike broke up with Brazilian soccer star Neymar on charges of alleged sexual assault. The 29-year-old professional from Paris St. Germain behaved uncooperatively when investigating the allegation of an employee against him, said the US company. The separation had already taken place last year.

The investigations are about an incident from 2016 that was reported to the company in 2018. The PSG star firmly rejects the allegations. “Neymar Jr. will vigorously defend himself against these unfounded attacks if a legal claim is made, which has not yet been done,” a spokeswoman for the professional said in a Wall Street Journal report, adding that both parties fell out after 15 years “business reasons” would have separated.

However, Nike said it would be “inappropriate” for the company to “make an accusatory testimony without being able to provide supporting facts,” adding, “Nike ended the relationship with the athlete because he refused to participate in one Cooperate in good faith investigation of credible allegations of wrongdoing by an employee. “

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