“Night Teeth” on Netflix: That’s why you should watch the bloody (and hot) vampire movie now

“Night Teeth” is a sexy vampire movie on Netflix that we didn’t know we needed.

Megan Fox is celebrating her return to the horror genre with the Netflix film “Night Teeth” (we still consider “Jennifer’s Body” to be a misunderstood masterpiece ahead of its time). You don’t have to watch this humorous horror flick with the lights on, but it contains a fair amount of blood.

This is what “Night Teeth” is all about

The story, directed by Adam Randall, revolves around a college student who works as a chauffeur. One evening he picks up two mysterious women who want to go to as many parties as possible in one night in Los Angeles. Benny thinks he is lucky because he is invited by his fellow passengers to accompany them to the celebrations, but he soon discovers that the two ladies are part of a dark and dangerous underworld and that he now has to see that he survives the night himself .

The premise of “Night Teeth” begins with Alfie Allen from “Game of Thrones”, a vampire named Victor who decides to break an ancient truce between humans and the creatures of the night in order to take control of the best territory in town (we already said that the mafia plays a role).

To make this plan a reality, Victor allows his two “thirstiest” vampires to roam freely around the city and kill all of their enemies, and for this they need someone who knows the city to be their guide. So they become Benny’s passengers, who says he can earn a little extra money by working as a chauffeur for a few nights a week.

So the interesting thing about the film is that it combines vampire horror with crime thriller elements: Instead of human murderers, there are nocturnal creatures that move from one crime to the next and want to have a little fun in between. (Also Read: The 10 Coolest (and Saddest) Investigators – For The Next Crime Series Marathon)

These stars are in the vampire movie on Netflix

Everyone may play the leading role, but there are a few supporting characters who could steal the show: There is Lucy Fry, known from “Godfather of Harlem” and “11.22.63” (one of the best miniseries based on Stephen King’s books), and Debby Ryan, who play two vampire hunters who know they can use their sex appeal to get around town undetected.



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