Nigeria meets 26 soldiers with the rank of General

Nigeria meets dozens of generals with COVID-19 at annual military meeting And one soldier died from infection.

Nigerian Army orders COVID-19 test A big time to all officers Who attended the annual military meeting The event was held in the capital city of Abuja after the death of Major General John Irefin, who attended a general meeting of the General Staff of the Army. In Abuja Last week

The matter prompted the Nigerian commander in chief to abruptly cancel the meeting. And ordered the officers attending the meeting to go into detention. And undergo a screening test Until December 13, 417 senior military officers had been tested positive for the infection, 26, most of whom were general-level officers. All of them have been treated.

For Nigeria There have been reports of a sharp increase in COVID cases in the past few weeks. According to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control The report found 3,820 new COVID cases during the last week. That is the closest figure from the outbreak in July. Which has seen the highest number of 3,870 daily cases, causing many parties to worry that the outbreak will occur in a second wave. Which the public health system may not be able to handle the number of patients in the second wave Due to lack of medical personnel and equipment Nigeria, which has a population of over 200 million, has cumulative cases of 73,175 people and 1,197 deaths.

Origin: AFP


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