Nicoletta Mantovani wedding, it’s the day of the yes with Alberto Tinarelli PHOTOS

Nicoletta Mantovani and Alberto Tinarelli on their wedding day in Bologna (FotoSchicchi)

Bologna, 20 September 2020 – The wedding day (photo) per Nicoletta Mantovani e Alberto Tinarelli arrives on a Sunday in September when the sun has come to chase away the autumn atmosphere. The two have been together for a few months: they were introduced by Grazia Verasani (writer from Bologna and mutual friend). The spark broke out almost immediately and then came the decision to spend the lockdown together.

Nicoletta Mantovani told the wonder of find love again after the wedding with Luciano Pavarotti, from whom Alice was born. IS today has crowned this dream with Alberto Tinarelli, 52, consultant for a financial services company based in the province of Bologna.

“I made them meet me – told Carlino, the author of Quo Vadis, Grazia Verasani – nine months ago “. La galley dinner she was in a restaurant in the hills of Bologna and Mantovani, 50, confirmed: “It was love right away. Alberto is a wonderful man. We are so happy. We had no reason to get married, if not for a mad desire to do so. ”And so the day of the promised yes arrived a few months ago in Talamone, where the couple was on vacation for Alberto Tinarelli’s birthday.

The choice of the church, Sant’Antonio da Padova that all Bolognese call ‘Antoniano’ was made by Nicoletta Mantovani. “It’s a church to which I am very attached“, he confided. The bride’s dress, color ice, was in pendant with the one worn by her daughter Alice, 17 years old.


The vip reception

There are about 150 guests at the party in a top secret villa: among the guests there are also many VIPs. There is, of course, Grazia Verasani, then the singer Nek who is very friend of the bride, Giovanni Caccamo, Lorenzo Licitra and many exponents of the Bolognese entrepreneurial world.

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