Nicknames of British royalty

The royal family also have fun, calling each other affectionate nicknames. We tell you what they are.

Behind the bearing, seriousness, education and protocol that implies being a member of the British royal family, there is also a part that is not always seen in public like the nicknames curious that they say among themselves.

Just like us, the royals They also have fun and even generate affectionate nicknames as a family that identify each of their members and that, obviously, they avoid saying in formal events.

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To give you an idea, Harry is usually called nothing more and nothing less than ‘Potter’ by the character of ‘Harry Potter’; not because it looks alike, of course.

We tell you what others funny nicknames use the Royal family.

Nicknames of British royalty

[Foto: The Royal Family]

Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh

[Foto: Reuters]

As we tell you in this note, the monarch’s nickname and which her husband said to her in a loving way, Philip of Edinburgh, it is ‘Lilibet’.

This same nickname is what Harry and Meghan decided to name their daughter ‘Lilibet Diana’ in honor of both Isabel II like Princess Diana.

Also, it is said that on some occasions it was heard that the prince philip He called his beloved with the funny nickname of ‘cabbage’.

Harry y Meghan Markle

[Foto: Reuters]

Unlike the other royals, it could be said that Harry is that he has more nicknames, since his friends call him one way, his wife another and his family another.

But we go by parts, Harry’s friends tell him ‘Spike’ Y ‘Potter’.

Meghan Markle tells him simply “H” and sometimes ‘Do’.

As for Meghan, he didn’t complicate himself either and just tells her ‘Meg’. On the other hand, it is said that Meghan’s father calls her affectionately ‘Bean’.

They tell their little son Archie ‘Arch’ Y ‘Bubba’.

Dukes of Cambridge

[Foto: instagram @dukeandduchessofcambridge]

People say that Lady Di used to address his son, the prince William, with the nickname ‘Wombat’, which is an Australian bear.

Among his friends he is known as ‘Wills’ and when he went to school they called him ‘Steve’, a pseudonym he used to keep a low profile at his school.

To duchess of cambridge William tells her ‘Poppet’ or wrist or they just say ‘Baby’ or darling.

In a funny way, at school they told him ‘Squeak’, which was the name of his pet, a guinea pig.

As for the little CharlotteDukes have been heard to tell him ‘Lottie’ and at school his friends called him ‘the warrior Princess’.

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